Elizabeth Shove is a Professor in the Sociology Department at Lancaster University, and Co Director of the DEMAND Research Centre. Her recent research has been about how social practices change and about the implications of these dynamics for everyday life, energy demand and climate change.
  • Heating © Meryll | Dreamstime.com

    The history and future of room temperature

    Most people expect normal room temperature to be about 22 degrees C. but very few know why this is the case. An interactive exhibition, staged by the DEMAND research centre as part of Campus in the City provides some clues.

  • No butts. Corey Templeton, CC BY-ND

    Smoking, drinking and eating: public health should not be all about the individual

    Diseases linked to smoking tobacco, a lack of exercise, drinking alcohol and eating unhealthily are on the rise, even though we have more information than ever before on the risks involved. All indications are that these so-called “lifestyle” diseases are defeating efforts to persuade people to make the right choices; maybe it’s time for a different approach.