Geraint Johnes is Professor of Economics. He conducts research in the area of labour economics, and has a particular interest in the economics of education. He is also the Director of The Work Foundation.
  • Downing Street sign

    How did the pollsters get it all so remarkably wrong?

    One of the common, and justifiable, refrains heard in recent weeks has taken the form of a lament for the poverty of the offerings of all political parties in the general election campaign. What excitement there has been has come from the intelligence of the opinion polls that suggested - wrongly, as it turned out - that the election would be a close run thing.

  • Explainer: how does the weather affect the economy?

    The Office for National Statistics has produced a report on sales of popular summer-related products. Official data on sales of goods are limited in that they tend to be based on annual spending, but clearly the demand for some products tends to be seasonal. Various cold drinks, meat (for barbecues) and ice cream are identified as typical examples.