Linda Woodhead is a Professor in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University, and the organiser of the Westminster Faith Debates. Her research explores the relationship between religious and social change worldwide.
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    Why no religion is the new religion

    This month I was invited to preach in the atheist church in London – though I was actually asked to “talk” and it’s not a church it’s the “Sunday Assembly.” It gathers twice a month in Conway Hall, Holborn, a creaky Ethical Society building inscribed with the motto “To Thy Own Self be True.” There are other Assemblies springing up in Britain, Australia and North America.

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    The crisis of religious authority

    “Everyone is quoting God,” said Shuruq Naguib, speaking in the first Westminster Faith Debate of 2014. The topic was the place of religion in the Arab Spring. Dr Naguib was describing the situation in Egypt and other parts of North Africa and the Middle East.