Roger Jones is a Professor in Lancaster University’s Department of Physics. His research interests are in experimental elementary (high-energy) particle physics.
  • An ATLAS event with 2 photons. The photons are indicated by the clusters of energy shown in green.

    The Higgs Particle on its First Birthday

    July 4th 2013 was the first anniversary of the announcement by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations of the discovery of a Higgs-like particle. Now is a good point to reflect on what we now know about the Higgs, what we have yet to find, and what else our experiments are working on.

  • A new view of a black hole event. ATLAS collision events. (Courtesy of ATLAS Experiment at CERN)

    60 years of CERN

    CERN, the European Centre for Particle Physics research, celebrates its 60th anniversary today. We're celebrating our 50th anniversary in the same year, and for most of that time physicists at Lancaster University have been working at CERN alongside physicists from around Europe and indeed the world.