Dr Mills is a lecturer in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University. His research lies in the field of international relations in the 20th century, particularly US foreign policy towards Latin America and diplomatic relations between the US and Great Britain.
  • Iran  © Javarman | Dreamstime.com

    A Triumph for Diplomacy? The E3/EU3 – Iran Talks

    While the official name given to the recently concluded negotiations between Western powers and Iran over the latter’s nuclear programme may not be particularly inspiring, the talks concluded in Geneva might just constitute a major triumph for diplomacy.

  • Ukraine © Vadim Kulikov | Dreamstime.com

    What do the political crises in Ukraine and Venezuela have in common?

    When the actor Jared Leto paid tribute to protestors in Ukraine and Venezuela at the recent Oscars ceremony he continued a long tradition of Hollywood stars speaking out on political issues. But while there are interesting parallels to be made between the current crises in Ukraine and Venezuela they are not as straightforward as Leto’s comments suggest.