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MATH361: Mathematical Education

  • Terms Taught: Full Year course.
  • US Credits: 4 Semester Credits
  • ECTS Credits: 8 ECTS
  • Pre-requisites: Mathematics Majors or appropriate College Mathematics.

Course Description

The aims of this course are to provide you with opportunities to gain insights into a range of issues relating to mathematics education in general, and consider theories about teaching and learning in particular. This will be achieved in practical, activity based workshops and in seminars.

Educational Aims

The aims of this course are as follows:

  • To enable students to reflect on mathematics, in particular on its history, application and significance in human culture;
  • To foster in students a deeper understanding of philosophies on the learning of mathematics and their application to mathematics education;
  • To consider the position of mathematics within the curriculum;
  • To consider the purposes of assessment, and the advantages and disadvantages of various forms there of.

Outline Syllabus

  • Mathematics as a problem solving discipline;
  • using ICT to do, learn and teach mathematics;
  • different ways that children learn mathematics;
  • different styles and strategies a mathematics teacher might use to enhance learning;
  • significant developments and government initiated publications since 1980, e.g. the national Curriculum (DCSF 2008);
  • assessing children's mathematical achievements.

Assessment Proportions

  • Coursework: 100%