What Will You Study


This programme offers professional development to those in the Biomedical sector. Newly qualified graduates in their first year of employment, especially those from a scientific background, may benefit from the more generic modules such as Management and Leadership. In addition, some of the modules may act as ‘conversion courses’ eg a Chemistry graduate may undertake a module in Molecular Biology.

This work based scheme is also suitable for experienced mid-career professionals, including those without a first degree.

Modules are offered in three groups:

Bioscience, Business and Management Skills, and Generic Skills.  Students must achieve ten credits from Group A and ten credits from Group B. The remaining 40 credits can be accumulated by taking modules from any of the Groups – A, B or C to a total credit value of 60.

Bioscience (Group A)

Applied Mathematics and

Statistics for the Biomedical Sector

Cell Biology Research Skills

Diseases of the Brain

Drug Discovery and Development

Ethics Research Skills


Laboratory Practice: Essential

Practical Skills and Techniques

Models of Disease

Molecular Basis of Cancer

Molecular Biology Research Skills

The Biomedical Sector: Regulatory and Ethical Frameworks

Business and Management (Group B)

Analysing Drivers for Change

Entrepreneurial Skills

Leading and Managing People

Leading Others Through Change

Leading Projects

The Biomedical Sector in

Context and Emerging Trends

Leadership and Management

The Commercial Business Environment – Strategic Perspectives

Work Based Project

(Action Research)

Core Skills (Group C)

Communication and Presentation Skills

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Personal Effectiveness and Team Working