What Will You Study

This scheme is suitable for anyone interested in bioethics and medical law, including intercalating medical students and others with a first degree or relevant professional qualification and work experience. This scheme introduces students to the fundamental analytic skills of moral philosophy and law, the principal ethical and legal issues arising within medical research and practice, and an appreciation of the major approaches – ethical and legal – to the resolution of the relevant problems. These include the regulation of artificial reproduction, life and death decision-making particularly in respect of seriously ill neonates and terminally ill patients, consenting to medical procedures and to clinical research, the appropriate use of genetics, and the fair distribution of health care resources.

The core modules are taught in four intensive 3-day blocks.  This structure allows students to combine study with full-time work, and family and other commitments, and makes the programme accessible to people living anywhere in the UK (or beyond the UK).  Attendance at Lancaster is required only for the teaching blocks but, between blocks, tutorial and web-based support is provided.  The blocks normally take place at the following times early/mid-October, early December, late January and just before Easter.  

Core modules:

  • Foundations of Bioethics
  • Foundations in Medical Law
  • Life and Death
  • Paternalism, Autonomy and Consent
  • Dissertation

    Optional modules: (Subject to change; choose three)

    Selection of modules leads to either LLM or MA degree.

    • Children and Health Care Law
    • Independent Research Module
    • Law and Global Health
    • Law and the Body
    • Public Health
    • Social and Ethical Issues in Human Genetics

    Free choice module from any other LLM with permission from Director.