What Will You Study

This doctoral programme is a practice-orientated, research degree for senior managers and is based on the principle that students learn by reflecting on their own practice.

Over five years you will complete reflective organisational-based research projects, culminating in a doctorate. Students and academic supervisors constitute an active learning community and will meet face-to-face and virtually on a regular basis.

In the first year you will be introduced to a range of theories, approaches and research methods within the field of management research. Each year for the next three years you will undertake a research project that is relevant for your practice and organisational context. Each research project will culminate in a publishable research paper. The final year will consist of the preparation of your doctoral thesis (consisting of your research projects) and a viva defence of your work.

The support of your organisation will be crucial in helping you to gain the most out of this challenging programme.

Each year you will have four key events:

  • First residential visit (five days of intensive workshop and seminar activity)
  • Second residential (five days of intensive workshop and seminar activity)
  • A writing retreat (five days)
  • A panel review (where progress is assessed)