What Will You Study

This unique multidisciplinary programme is designed for ambitious graduates wanting to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to shape the innovation in e-business and e-commerce brought about by Internet, mobile, and multimedia technologies.

Theory and practice are tightly interwoven, via case studies and real-world projects and through our partnership with IBM and other leading companies. Industry professionals contribute to the delivery, together with faculty experts from the Management School and the School of Computing.

The programme equips you with the skills and knowledge to enable you to reshape organisational strategies and industrial practices, by exploiting the opportunities provided by the Internet and mobile and multimedia technologies. EBIN graduates go on to become business or ICT professionals in private or public-sector organisations, managers in new or emerging firms which require entrepreneurial skills, or project managers for existing technology and service providers.

Bridging modules:

(To fill knowledge gaps, dependent on student) 

  • Introduction to ICT
  • Management in Context

 Compulsory modules:

  • E-Marketing
  • E-Business
  • Innovation
  • Managing IT Architecture (IBM)
  • Information Management and Strategy
  • Business Planning and Finance
  • Technology for E-Business
  • Research Methods
  • Business Analysis and Enterprise Systems

 Optional modules:

 Route A – Management (all three)

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Managing Complexity
  • Managing and Learning in Project Environments

 Route B – Advanced Computing (any two)

  • Network and System Security
  • Digital Innovation
  • Information System Forensic Investigation
  • Information System Risk Management