What Will You Study

This MA is designed to appeal to a wide audience, including people who want to gain a further qualification in English Language or those, such as teachers of the A level in English Language in the UK, who have taught English Language and want to consolidate their background. (N.B. English language here refers to the study of English as a foreign language not the practice of English).

The MA is designed for part-time study alongside a full-time job. Each of the six modules, spread out over two years, begins with a one day face-to-face session on a Saturday at Lancaster University’s outlet in London. The remainder of the course is taught via the web, with assessment via coursework and learning supported by an online forum. The final year involves a dissertation supported by an individual supervisor.

The MA reflects the scholarship of the English Language Department at Lancaster and takes a broad view of what constitutes English Language studies. It focuses on the description and explanation of the English language, including its structure, functions and social contexts of use.


  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Discourse Analysis
  • English Grammar
  • History of English
  • Investigating Spoken English
  • Stylistics