What Will You Study

The MSc offers in-depth analyses of the key themes in twenty-first century management: Human Resource Management (HRM), Knowledge Management (KM), and Change Management. Contemporary organisations see these as vital dimensions of competitive advantage in an increasingly fast changing global economy.

As human creative and innovative resources are seen as the foundation of organisational and individual performance, management’s main aspiration in successful global and local organisations is the mobilisation of people and knowledge. As global market pressures increase steadily, the effectiveness of management and organisations depend upon their human and knowledge resources.

The MSc provides you with a deep understanding of these essential themes and equips you for a career in a critical position in contemporary management. Graduates of the programme have entered a wide variety of jobs in the private and public sector, including management and consultancy positions in human resource management, knowledge management, or general management. Others have moved into roles in purchasing, sales and retailing, taken up local and central government posts, or pursued careers in higher education.


  • Human Resource Management: Contexts, Controversies and Critiques
  • Human Resource Management II: The Rise and Growth of HRM Theories and Techniques
  • Introduction to Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management as Social Practice: Global, Ethical and Cultural Issues
  • Organisations in the 21st Century
  • The Management of Organisational Change
  • The Rise of Management Ideas and Concepts
  • Analysing Management Practices
  • Quantitative Methods in Management Practice