What Will You Study

The IMPM is an international leadership programme which focuses on an innovative, collaborative learning approach, and managerial mindsets. You are encouraged to explore and gain a true appreciation of different perspectives as each module is delivered over a ten-day period in different countries (UK, Canada, India, Japan and Brazil). You will also undertake a managerial exchange where you will spend a week observing a co-participant in action, focusing on the process of management.

If you successfully complete the five modules the managerial exchange and a presentation you may elect to undertake a further major paper of dissertation length in order to be awarded an MSc International Executive Management.


  • Managing Self: The Reflective Mindset
  • Managing Organisations: The Analytic Mindset
  • Managing Relationships: The Collaborative Mindset
  • Managing Change: The Action Mindset
  • Managing Context: The Worldly Mindset