What Will You Study

This interdisciplinary and unique programme provides an unrivalled platform for managing the strategic impact, organisational implications and business value of IT. The Information Technology, Management and Organisation programme (ITMOC) prepares you for twenty-first century careers in a globalising IT sector.

The programme modules provide an advanced grounding in key areas such as information technology and organisations, managing change, knowledge management, systematic interventions, strategy and IT management, project management and analysis, design and innovation.

Theory and practice are integrated throughout the programme. Our comprehensive range of modules develops both wide-ranging and specialist knowledge. The programme includes regular seminars and workshops with industry practitioners including CIOs, CTOs, CEOs and consultants. A research internship dissertation gives you the opportunity to collaborate with a company. We work closely with industry to ensure ITMOC is business relevant and leading-edge.

Student-centred learning is combined with academic rigour. Students come from technical and non-technical backgrounds. No specialist knowledge of computing or IT is needed.

On this MRes variant of the ITMOC programme, students take two additional specialist research training modules.