What Will You Study

The IMPM programme is designed for highly experienced managers and entrepreneurs, focusing on an innovative, collaborative learning approach for the development of management practice which allows participants to refine their leadership skills and make a lasting impact on their organisation. Its design and processes were inspired by the lifelong study of managerial practice by Professor Henry Mintzberg, the Canadian management guru, who has taught on the IMPM since its foundation.

The programme focuses on five modules designed around managerial mind sets rather than functional silos. Each module lasts approximately ten days, and is delivered in a different country (UK, Canada, India, China and Brazil). Participants also undertake a managerial exchange where they spend a week observing their co-participant in action, focusing on the process of management. Participants who successfully complete the five modules and managerial exchange may elect to undertake a further major paper of dissertation length to be awarded a MSc.

Participants move between concept-based training and their real life experiences, and also benefit from peer to peer learning, with observation, visits, and feedback.

Over 50 leading companies and organisations from around the world have sent staff to participate.


  • Managing Self: The Reflective Mind-set
  • Managing Organisations: The Analytic Mind-set
  • Managing Context: The Worldly Mind-set
  • Managing Relationships: The Collaborative Mind-set
  • Managing Change and Continuity: The Action Mind-set