What Will You Study

The MRes in International Relations provides research training in international relations as a social science.  It provides you with an understanding of the major theoretical and epistemological debates in the social sciences, and also gives you an introduction to quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis.

This research training is coupled with, and customised for, research in international relations. It addresses key concepts, methodological and epistemological issues, and data collection and analysis in international relations. The programme mainly consists of compulsory courses but you may take one optional course in the area of your designated thesis topic.


In most cases all five taught modules are compulsory, although a case can be made with the Postgraduate Director for one of them to be replaced with an optional module.

  • Major Approaches to the Study of International Relations
  • Theory and Methods
  • Introduction to the Philosophy of the Social Sciences
  • Qualitative Methods in Social Science
  • Advanced Data Analysis and Computing for Social Research