Course Overview

This innovative programme is for people working in management, leadership and organisation development roles, and attracts participants from all over the world. It uses a combination of four/five day residential workshops, individual meetings, regular action learning sets, and online learning to develop a lively and challenging learning community.


Rather than follow a syllabus participants choose the topic, perspective, and research methods most appropriate to them or their organisations within the overall domain of management learning and leadership. The residential workshops are devised around these themes:


Learning Communities - using the programme as an example, participants exchange ideas about communities of practice and challenging assumptions about learning within contemporary organisations.


Research and Inquiry Processes - provides an introduction to the different philosophies, methodologies and practicalities of carrying out research in the field.


Social and Political Dynamics - social, political and cultural contexts and their dynamics on a micro and macro level.


Individual and Organisational Learning - explores impacts on learning and educational practices at the individual and organisational level.


Special Interests - Participants perspectives, and preparation for dissertation.