What Will You Study

In this MA you will learn to understand contemporary global media cultures from an unusual combination of perspectives – sociological, anthropological and gender studies. You will explore debates, developments and key approaches in media and cultural studies. These range from the work of classical cultural theorists through to contemporary writing on new media, globalised culture, science and technology studies, and queer theory.


Run by Lancaster’s world-class Sociology Department, the programme will develop your knowledge of the various theoretical and methodological approaches that can be used to analyse power, value, experience, identity and difference in contemporary media and cultural life. You will learn how to use theory and empirical methods to critically analyse the role of electronic, print, digital and visual media in structuring everyday experience. You will also undertake empirical and textual analysis of how gender, sexuality and ‘race’ are constructed in global media cultures and gain an understanding of how media platforms reproduce and challenge power relations.


It is important to note that this degree does not focus on developing vocational skills in journalism, film-making, public relations or marketing. It does, however, teach you skills in critical thinking, independent research and media analysis – skills that are all highly relevant for development and innovation in the cultural and media sectors. Many of our graduates have gone on to work in these sectors, although some have also used the MA as the starting point for an academic career.


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