What Will You Study

We have established an excellent reputation for interdisciplinary research. Our doctoral programme is a central feature of our provision and we strive to make it a substantial, vibrant and rewarding experience for postgraduate students.

We welcome PhD proposals from students focused on any of our areas of research interest, and are keen to support the development of research proposals from an early stage.

We offer excellent postgraduate student support. Supervision is an essential aspect of the research relationship and we always have two members of staff involved with each doctoral student. The Department also organises a series of seminars with leading national and international academics and encourages students to organise annual working conferences at which they can present and develop their own work.

Our research interests cover a variety of aspects of contemporary work, management and organisations.

We study the relationships between HRM and Knowledge Management processes, as well as between globalisation and work in the knowledge economy. We systematically investigate processes of organisational change and their relationships with information technology, as well as the complex issues of business ethics and corporate governance.

We have a strong interest in the theoretical frameworks through which work organisations are analysed. Also important to us are the broader social, ethical and environmental concerns raised by the intersection of contemporary economic, cultural, organisational and managerial practices and technology.