Course Overview

This course is a single module combining distance learning with an intensive teaching weekend at Lancaster.   The ten week course aims to serve peace practitioners who are already located within the various occupational spheres of society and enables them to make the resilient obstacles to a positive culture of peace that are encountered in the workplace, the focus of applied research. 

The aim of this module will be to investigate contemporary political theology as a context to evaluate and test an innovative, inclusive, reconfiguration of the politics of Jesus known as kenarchy. Kenarchy is derived from the word keno, meaning to empty and from the suffix archy, meaning a way of ordering or relating in social space. Configuring a politics of love measured by readiness to die for the other, even one’s enemy, kenarchy strategically engages specific oppressive operations of sovereign power and embarks on a rhythm of resistance and submission in order to undo them. The goal is to identify endemic, deep-structural obstacles to human wellbeing and pre-emptively and permanently undermine them. Drawing on the originary radical traditions of Franciscans, Quakers and early Pentecostals, the aim is to actively seek out and collaborate with others who desire to enact similarly loving, inclusive politics of peace within the various spheres of society, whatever their faith standpoints.

The module offers three great opportunities in one for anybody with a desire for creating and maintaining a pre-emptive culture of peace in their workplace and locality.

  • The chance to evaluate and test kenarchy by exposing and researching the roots of deep-seated obstacles to peace
  • Help develop a culture of pre-emptive peace in the context of the occupational spheres locally, nationally and internationally
  • Obtain a postgraduate certificate of academic achievement that it is hoped will be a first step to a full Postgraduate Certificate or MA in positive politics for peace