What Will You Study

This course is delivered entirely online. It aims to provide the skills, sources and historical contexts to undertake and understand research at a local or regional level, and to stimulate awareness of the role of such research for our broader understanding of Britain’s past.

The course focuses on experiences in the century and a half before 1914, a period during which the country was transformed from a largely rural economy to an urban, industrial powerhouse with all the concomitant changes that entailed in terms of social welfare, education, work, leisure, home life, health, political affiliations and values.

Although national and international developments affected everyone in the country in some way, they did not do so consistently. People’s experiences depended on their social class, whether they were male or female and, crucially, on where they lived. Regional and local histories enable us to understand these varied experiences and, in doing so, to assess how typical they might have been.


  • Regional and Local Economies and Societies
  • Social Relationships and Organisations
  • Independent Research Project (c.5000 words)