What Will You Study


Our four-year sponsored degree programme is run in partnership with leading accountancy firm EY. It incorporates two paid placements, a £5,000 bursary in each year of study (£15,000 in total) and a head start to a career as a Chartered Accountant.


You’ll begin your studies taking three compulsory modules: Introduction to Accounting and Finance, Principles of Economics, and Statistics and Computing for Management/Operational Research. In the summer after your first year you’ll complete your first four-week placement at EY. In your second year you will take subjects including Principles of Financial Accounting; Introduction to Management Accounting; Accounting Information Systems and Auditing; Law and Finance and a free choice module. In your third year you’ll complete a full one-year placement before returning to Lancaster for your final year to study subjects including Financial Accounting; Auditing; Finance and Taxation and a free choice module.

Please note: Any offer for this degree will only be made after successful attendance at a selection workshop organised by EY in collaboration with the University.