What Will You Study

Lancaster’s four-year combined French Studies and English Literature degree is taught by our Department of European Languages and Cultures and our Department of English and Creative Writing. You’ll also spend a year abroad in a French-speaking country, immersing yourself in the language and culture.

Your French Studies programme aims to increase your fluency while exploring the country’s social, historical, political and cultural background as well as its European and global context. In English Literature you will study a range of poetry, drama, fiction and other prose.

You’ll begin your degree with courses including French Language (Intensive for Beginners or Advanced), an Introduction to French Cultural Studies and an Introduction to English Literature. In your second year, you’ll study subjects such as The Theory and Practice of Criticism, and Shaping Contemporary France: Culture, Politics and the Legacy of History.

The third year abroad makes a major contribution to your command of the language, while deepening your intercultural sensitivity. You will then go on to finish your degree with modules including Francophone Voices: Literature and Film from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Canada; American Literature from 1900, and Contemporary Literature.