What Will You Study

Lancaster’s four-year French Studies and Psychology degree gives you the opportunity to study in our Department of European Languages and Cultures and our Psychology Department, part of the innovative Faculty of Science and Technology. This degree includes a year in a French-speaking country and is accredited by the British Psychological Society as the graduate basis for chartered membership.

Your degree aims to develop your fluency in French alongside a detailed focus on the culture, society, history and politics of France itself. In Psychology, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the principles of Psychology and study more specific areas and research methods.

You’ll begin your degree with courses including French Studies (Intensive for Beginners or Advanced); Understanding Psychology, and Investigating Psychology. Your second-year subjects include Cognitive Psychology; Developmental Psychology; French Language: Oral Skills and French Language: Written Skills.

In your third year, you’ll complete your Residence Abroad: Intercultural and Academic Reflection before finishing your degree with modules such as Brain and Behaviour; Personality and Individual Differences; French Language: Oral Skills, and French Language: Written Skills.