Course Overview

Taught by lecturers who conduct internationally respected research into the languages and cultures of France and the French speaking world, your degree course gives you the opportunity to acquire both high-level language skills and a thorough understanding of French cultures and societies within a global context. Besides your core language courses, you'll be able to choose from a broad range of specialist cultural, historical and political courses promoting comparative understanding of countries within Europe and beyond.

You begin your degree with core courses including Advanced or Intensive French oral and written language and 'Shaping Contemporary France: Culture, Politics and the Legacy of History'. You will also be able to choose other modules, such as 'Understanding Culture' and 'Cinema, or Society in Europe and Latin America: Thematic and Formal Perspectives'.

Spending your third year either studying or working in a French speaking country is compulsory. The year abroad makes a major contribution to your command of the language, while deepening your intercultural sensitivity.

In your fourth year, you will continue developing your core French language oral and written skills. You can combine this with a choice of specialist culture courses, such as 'Modern French Identities: Race' and 'Nation and Francophone Voices: Literature and Film from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Canada'.

If you take a Single Major degree in French you will expand your interest in a particular topic from your second year studies and develop your own specialist Dissertation. 

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