What Will You Study

Lancaster’s History and Religious Studies degree is taught collaboratively in our Department of History and our Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, where you will benefit from the guidance of scholars who are experts in their fields.

Your degree gives you the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of cross-cultural ethics, religion in society and the impact of religion on history, and vice versa. In addition to compulsory courses, you’ll be able choose from a menu of optional modules and tailor your studies to the periods, movements, faiths and institutions that have shaped our world and inspire you the most.

You’ll begin your degree with the core first-year modules History and Historians – from Late Antiquity to the Modern World and World Religions.  In your second and final years, you’ll be able to study subjects such as The Origins and Rise of Islam; Partisans and Collaborators: World War II in Occupied Europe; Asian Religions, and New Religions and Alternative Spiritualities.