What Will You Study

Studying Lancaster’s combined Management Mathematics degree gives you the benefit of top-quality teaching in our Department of Management Science and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, where staff carry out world-leading research and many are actively involved with business and government organisations.

Your degree explores how Mathematics can be used to inform decision-making processes in business, industry and government. You will use mathematical and computer-based models alongside visual or verbal representations to analyse the development and application of solutions to real managerial problems.

You can choose from an extensive range of options, starting your degree with introductory courses covering Probability, Statistics, Management Science and Operational Research. In the second and third years you will develop your skills by taking modules from a wide range of core and optional modules including Stochastic Processes, Statistical Models, Bayesian Inference, Project Management and Consultancy Skills, Optimisation and Business Modelling and Simulation.

A four-year work-experience variant of this degree is also available: please indicate your proposed intention to take the work-experience variant in Section 3 of your UCAS application.