What Will You Study

Lancaster’s Modern Languages degree is taught by the Department of European Languages and Cultures and the Department of Linguistics and English Language. We are in the national top 15for language studies, ranking 4th for French, 5th for Spanish and 6th for Linguistics in the Complete University guide 2017.

This degree gives you the opportunity to study three languages. We offer French, German or Spanish as major subjects, and Italian and Chinese as minor subjects.  We would expect you to be at A or A/S Level standard in at least two of our major languages (French, German and Spanish).

In your first year, you will study two languages at advanced level, and one at beginners or advanced level. You will focus on developing fluency and understanding as well as learning about the cultural contexts of your chosen languages.

Building on your language skills in Year 2, you will also study the cultural, political and historical context of your languages in more depth.

Spending your third year abroad makes a major contribution to your language ability, while deepening your intercultural sensitivity. You will spend time in the two countries where your major languages are spoken. You can study at a partner institution or conduct a work placement. 

We also encourage you to spend some vacation time in the country of your third language, and in some instances can offer support to secure funding for this.

Back at Lancaster in the fourth year, you will consolidate your multiple language skills alongside language-specific cultural modules such as ‘Chinese Culture and Society’ or ‘Latin America and Spain on Film: Violence and Masculinities’. You can also take comparative courses which allow you to see the languages and cultures you're studying in a global context.