What Will You Study

Our four-year degree gives you the opportunity to study three languages from a choice of French, German, Spanish, Italian or Chinese. We normally require you to have a good A-level in at least two of the languages. The third language can be studied from beginners' or post-GCSE level if you wish. Please note Chinese and Italian can only be taken as beginners’ languages, and as minors.

You will focus on developing fluency and understanding in all three languages, through extensive practice in speaking, reading, listening and writing. You can also choose from a range of modules which explore the arts, culture and history and the social and political systems of the countries whose languages you are learning. Your degree course includes a comparative element, which allows you to see the languages and cultures you're studying in the context of European or Chinese history as a whole.

If you are studying French, German and Spanish, you may choose to drop one of the three languages at the end of the second year. If you are taking Chinese or Italian as one of your three languages, you will do a two-unit minor through the two years of Part II Lancaster-based study.

You will spend your third year abroad in the countries where the major languages you are studying are spoken and can choose to be a salaried English-language assistant in a school, take up a work placement or study at one of our partner universities. If you take our three language combined major scheme in Modern Languages you must split your third year between two countries. If you continue with all three major languages into your final year, we encourage you to make your own arrangements to spend your vacation time in the third country. Students taking a minor language (Italian or Chinese) are also encouraged to make their own arrangements to spend vacation time in the relevant country, and will receive support to secure funding to do so.