What Will You Study

Unlike traditional science degrees, Natural Sciences at Lancaster will allow you to pick from a wide choice of scientific areas and study two or more science subjects throughout your degree course. This is a challenging programme as you will be taught to the same depth of understanding as single honours students in each subject. Although primarily a science degree, it is possible to study up to one quarter of your degree in a non-science subject.

All students begin their degree studying three subjects. You can choose three sciences or two sciences and a non-science subject. Subjects include Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Communications, Computing, Engineering (Electronic and Mechanical), Environmental Science, Geography, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology and a wide range of humanities and social sciences.

At the end of this year, you can continue studying all three subjects – selecting the part of each single honours degree scheme that suits your abilities and ambitions. Alternatively, you can drop one subject and continue with a two subject degree.

In your second year, you begin to specialise. In each of your chosen subjects you can select from a series of themes, with a considerable variety of modules. For example, Biological Sciences themes include Microbiology and Biomedicine, Biochemistry and Genetics and Ecology and Environmental Biology. You continue into your third and final year studying the subjects you chose in your second year.

If you are taking our Study Abroad degrees, you spend either the second or third year of your course at a prestigious university in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. Recent exchanges have been with the universities of Brisbane, British Columbia, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Oregon, Sydney, Toronto and Wellington. The marks gained in this year count towards your final degree assessment.