What Will You Study

Lancaster’s combined Philosophy and Religious Studies degree gives you the opportunity to benefit from world-class resources and tutors. Lancaster is home to ten philosophers, with a wide range of research interests and expertise and our Religious Studies programme continues to be a leader in terms of quality teaching an innovative research.

You’ll divide your time equally between Philosophy and Religious Studies, gaining a solid grounding in both subjects. In Philosophy you will take courses on ethics, epistemology, continental philosophy, and the philosophy of science; while in Religious Studies you will study the world's major religious traditions and debate about the role of religion in the modern world. You will also explore the various intersections between philosophy and religion, and have the opportunity to learn about Indian and Islamic philosophical traditions.

You’ll start with courses including Introduction to Philosophy and Religions of the Modern World before moving on to second-year subjects such as Philosophy of Science; Knowledge and Reality, and Western Philosophy and Religious Thought. You’ll complete your degree with modules that include Modern Religious and Atheistic Thought; Continental Philosophy; Indian Religious and Philosophical Thought; Reading Islam; and Issues in the Philosophy of Mind.