What Will You Study

We offer courses on the world’s major religious traditions, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism; and we train students to do research using the methods appropriate to their study: historical, textual, philosophical, theological, sociological, anthropological and psychological. Some of the topics covered in our wide range of courses include: religion and politics; religion and gender; religion and violence; philosophy and religious thought; religion in relation to secularism, pluralism, and multiculturalism; interpretations of sacred texts; and new age spiritualities.

You’ll begin your degree with the course Religions in the Modern World before moving on to more specialised subjects in your second year, where modules include Contemporary Issues in Asian Religions; Contemporary Issues in Christianity and Islam; Religion and Society; Constructing Ethics in Christianity and Islam; Indian Politics, Society and Religion, and Western Philosophy and Religious Thought.

In your final year, you’ll be able to take courses such as Religion and Violence; Media, Religion and Politics; Indian Religious and Philosophical Thought; Politics and Ethics in Indian Philosophy;    Modern Religious and Atheistic Thought; New Religions and Alternative Spiritualities; Reading Buddhism; Reading Islam; Religion and Politics; Religion in Contemporary Indian Life; and Religion in Schools.