What Will You Study

Lancaster’s four-year combined Spanish Studies and English Literature degree gives you the opportunity to study in two highly-regarded academic departments and to spend a year in a Spanish-speaking country, immersing yourself in the language and culture.

As well as learning all aspects of the language, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the country by studying Spanish literature, art, culture, politics and history. Your English Literature courses explore texts of different periods and genres, helping you develop a deeper critical understanding of the role of literature in society.

You’ll begin your degree with courses including Spanish Language (Intensive for Beginners or Advanced), an Introduction to English Literature and an introduction to Hispanic Cultural Studies. You can tailor your degree to your interests with options such as Social Movements and Committed Writing in Mexico since 1968; Treachery, War and Exile in Spanish Poetry; American Literature from 1900; Shakespeare; and Contemporary Literature. You will spend your third year abroad in a country where Spanish is spoken before returning to Lancaster to complete your degree.