What Will You Study

Lancaster’s four-year Spanish Studies and History degree gives you the opportunity to study in a language department with a strong commitment to intercultural studies and a History Department where 93% of students said that their course was intellectually stimulating, according to the National Student survey 2015. You will also spend a year working or studying in a Spanish-speaking country, immersing yourself in the culture and language.

As well as acquiring proficiency in Spanish, you’ll study the country’s history, art, culture and politics. You can explore Spain’s history in a broader European context or specialise in particular areas of research and study.

You’ll begin your degree with core courses including Spanish Language (Intensive for Beginners or Advanced), From Medieval to Modern: History and Historians and an introduction to Hispanic culture studies. In your second and final years, you’ll be able to follow modules such as Power and Resistance in Spain and Spanish America: From the Spanish Empire to the 21st Century; Economic and Social Change in France, Germany and Spain since 1945, and Moving Times: Spanish History and Society Through Film (1936-2006).

Your third year abroad makes a major contribution to your command of the language, while deepening your intercultural sensitivity, before finishing your degree back at Lancaster.