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Travel with us this summer. To see where your next adventure will take you, get involved in Global Travel Week - 19th-23rd February 2018. Discover the world, discover yourself.

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Spend a semester or academic year studying with one of our partner institutions in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and the USA. 

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Alex Hunter

Alex Hunter

"Lancaster University has put the world at my fingertips. I travelled to the United States and China, yet Lancaster brings the world to campus as well via a diverse range of culturally immersive events and fun, engaging societies!" Alex Hunter 2016-2019, BA Politics & International Relations

Gerta Ramaj

Gerta Ramaj

"Going to a university where I have met and become close friends with people from all over the world, as well as giving me the opportunity to travel to Malaysia, has been an incredibly eye-opening and humbling experience." Gerta Ramaj 2015-2018, LLB Law

Hayley Keohane

Hayley Keohane

"My study abroad year has made my experience at Lancaster a global one. Oregon State was an adventure, and my home away from home - made up of friends from across the world, diverse cultures, new ways of learning and a whole lot of fun" Hayley Keohane 2015-2018, MSci Geography

Niamh Bush

Niamh Bush

"My university experience has definitely been enhanced by engaging with people from different cultures in the global communities. It has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and make friends for life." Niamh Bush 2016-2019, BA Linguistics and English Language

Molly McDonough

Molly McDonough

“Being able to be part of a global community at Lancaster has enriched my time here. From living with people from a variety of different cultures in college life, to be being able to experience once in a lifetime trips, my Lancaster experience is truly global.” Molly McDonough 2015-2018, BA International Relations

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Your Global Experience is about living and learning with people from different cultures to share ideas and perspectives. Get involved to make connections, explore the world and discover yourself. 


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