Connect to IT services

When you arrive you will probably want to get online using your PC, laptop or mobile device. You'll find that you can stay connected across campus, and that support is available should you need it

Here are the essentials in getting connected in Lancaster

Getting online

There are three ways to get online at Lancaster

Connect to ResNet – To get access to the internet and campus network on a laptop or PC (using an ethernet cable) in your room on campus you’ll need to connect to the Residence Network (ResNet).

Connect to Eduroam – To connect a device to secure Wi-Fi on campus.

Access computers in PC Labs – Don't worry if you don't have a device of your own. You can get access to the internet, campus network and a range of site licensed software using computers in PC Labs at various locations across campus.

Essential IT services

Once you are connected you can start to access essential IT services

MyAccount provides information about your University Account.

Student portal provides access to your email, lecture timetable, course notes, library book return dates, tutorial group sign ups and more.

Undergraduate email or postgraduate email is used for all emails from your department, your college and student support.

Printing is available at many locations across campus.

iLancaster, our free mobile app, provides access to a range of services, including your course timetable and information about campus facilities.

Site-licensed software is available to use, and you are entitled to install antivirus software and Microsoft Office applications for free. 

Help and support

What to do if you are having IT problems

You can get IT help and support online on the service pages of the ISS website or in LancasterAnswers, or from the ISS Service Desk in person, by phone or via email. If you’ve got a fault with your PC, laptop or mobile device there's the Workshop, a University-owned store on campus.