Arrange accommodation

Before you arrive you will be invited to apply for accommodation on campus for your first year at Lancaster. Undergraduates will also be invited to apply to a college while all postgraduates become Grad College members


We invite all new students to apply to live on campus when they accept an offer of a place - take a look at the Accommodation website to see the types of accommodation available and prices.

If you want to live on campus you should submit an application via the accommodation portal. Unless you are a late applicant, you should receive an offer from us by mid-September. You can secure this by paying a deposit through the Portal as part of the acceptance of the terms of the offer.

All accommodation related fees can be paid through our online payments page.

Lancaster University also runs a scheme that helps students find good quality private housing in the city. Visit Lancaster University Homes for more information.

For more guidance, please see the Accommodation Services website, or call our hotline number: 01524 594910.


Lancaster University is proud to be one of a handful of universities in the UK to operate a collegiate system. There are nine colleges in total – eight for undergraduates and one for postgraduates.

When you are invited to apply for accommodation, you will also have the chance to choose a preferred college. This applies to all undergraduates, including those who choose not to live on campus. If you don't select a preference, a college will be assigned to you.

All colleges offer social and sporting activities and organise regular college trips, as well as taking part in inter-college competitions. To find out more about the individual colleges at Lancaster University visit the Collegiate System webpage or take a look at this quick explainer video.

Once you have been accepted into a college, you will receive confirmation and be required to pay a college membership fee of £36 for undergraduates and £12 for Postgraduates. You can pay using our online store.