Pennie Drinkall170

Pennie Drinkall

CeMoRe Administrator

Lancaster University

Pennie Drinkall has been the Managing Editor for Mobilities Journal since its humble beginnings in 2003.

Pennie has posted the following articles:

Mobilities: August 2019 Issue 4

Mobilities: August 2019 Issue 4 A curated collection on the theme of ‘digital technologies’: Digital navigation and the driving-machine: Supervision, calculation, optimization, recognition Sam Hind Anticipating digital futures: Ruins, entanglements and...

Mobilities: October 2019 Issue 5

Mobilities: October 2019 Issue 5 This bumper issue includes a diverse geographical spread with some linked articles. When urban environments meet pedestrian’s thoughts: implications for pedestrian affect. Thomas Calvert, Juliet Jain & Kiron Chatterjee ‘Running on...

Mobilities Journal April 2019 Online Articles

The online articles published this Aprli in our journal, Mobilities, illustrate the inspiring diversity of mobilities research, showcasing the many ways mobilities concepts can be creatively applied and utilised in innovative research on interdisciplinary and...

Therapeutic Mobilities: Mobilities Special Issue February 2019

This Special Issue published in February 2019 expands mobilities research through the idea of therapeutic mobilities. Therapeutic mobilities consist of multiple movements of health-related things and beings, including, though not limited to, nurses, doctors, patients,...