The Mobile Utopia Experiment will be in Lancaster on the 1st of November and on campus on the 1st and 2nd of November.

When and Where:

  • 1st November 12:15 – 5:00 pm Town Library, Market Sq., Lancaster City Centre and Lancaster University Campus
  • 2nd November 09:00 – 12:00 pm Lancaster University Lancaster Conference Centre and Infolab (LCC, South West Campus, and INF South Campus, see map here

Activities include:

  • A video quest of how to travel with a ‘marshrutka’ with Andrey Kuznetsov from Volgograd State University, Russia. MU01 The Marshrutka Video Quest
  • A creative workshop exploring the business potential of nano-medicine MU02 MSNanoX
  • A game of isITethical? Exploring the ethics of data sharing MU03 isITethical? >Play
  • A dance workshop designed to play with how traffic is organised  MU04 Dance your Vehicle: Become Sensicle
  • A ballon launch that plays with ideas of alternative ways of travelling and organising our economy MU05 The Drift Economy
  • A workshop and exhibition that asks what could we do with all that space that cars occupy? MU06 Parking in Utopia
  • A workshop that explores how drones might be used for the transport of vital resources, such as blood transfusions MU07 Drone-topia?
  • A creative walking workshop designed to get you pleasantly lost MU08 Datadrift
  • An exhibition of how we might practically ‘design’ better futures MU09 Designing Mobile Futures
  • An opportunity to engage with people elsewhere, exploring the joys and limits of telepresence collaboration MU10 NowHere
  • How does your SatNav know when you’ll get there? A game that plays with automation, navigation, and the sociality of time. MU11 Autopoiesioning: The ETA game
  • What might a utopian mobile society look like? Synthesise your ideas into a big picture MU12 Synthopia
  • Town Library, Market Sq., Lancaster City Centre.
  • Lancaster University,  Info Lab TBC – (INF on map).

Find out more here:

The Mobile Utopia Experiment 1-2 November 2017