2020 Conference

Mapping Space | Mapping Time | Mapping Texts

29th September 2020

This interdisciplinary conference is hosted by the AHRC Funded Chronotopic Cartographies project in partnership with The British Library. It comes out of primary research into the digital visualisation of space and time for fictional works that have no real-world correspondence. Chronotopic Cartographies develops digital methods and tools that enable the mapping of literary works by generating graphs as “maps” directly out of the coded text.


James Kneale (University College London) 'Re-mapping H. P. Lovecraft: Geographies of the Weird and Absent'

Anders Engberg-Pedersen ( University of Southern Denmark) 'The Cartographic Real: Time, Space, and Maps in 19th Century Literature'

Robert T. Tally Jr (Texas State University) 'The Logic of the Situation'

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