Project outputs


Children's logos

Work Package 2

D2.1 – Scoping and Review Report on Evidence of Children, Young People, Disasters and Participation

Work Package 3 – Dialogues with Children

CUIDAR Consultation Framework for Child-led Disaster Risk Reduction Workshops

D3.2 – Dialogues with Children Report

Work Package 4 – Learning Exercises

D4.1 – Provision of Mutual Learning Exercises

D4.2 – Mutual Learning Exercises Report

Work Package 5 – Awareness Raising

D5.1 – One High Level Event per Partner Country

D5.2 – National Level Awareness Raising and Communication

Work Package 6 – Framework

D6.1 – Project Film

D6.2 – Children and Young People’s Disaster Management Framework

Work Package 7 – Dissemination

Work Package 7 Report

D7.1 – Project Logo

Children's Logos

D7.2 – Project Findings Leaflet

D7.3 – List of Oral Presentations

D7.4 – Four Journal Papers

D7.5 – Three Papers to Local Government/Disaster Management Journals

D7.6 – Policy Briefs

D7.7 – Project Conference/Consensus Meeting