About CADAAD Journal

CADAAD Journal focusses on discourse, communication and society. It aims to provide a space for studies that cross boundaries between academic disciplines. CADAAD Journal focuses on the study of social and political practices that are ultimately performed discursively through ‘texts’.

CADAAD Journal was initiated in 2006 during the CADAAD conference at the University of East Anglia and its first issue was published in 2009, under the editorship of Christopher Hart. He was succeeded by Charlotte Taylor (2016-2020), and the current editors. CADAAD Journal aims to harness the full range of analytical tools available to investigate the semiotic dimensions of our social and political worlds in order to achieve a deep understanding of the role of language and other semiotic modes in shaping social structures and identities. The journal is open to new perspectives on discourse and society, covering theoretical, methodological and applied approaches that address the dynamic relationship between communication and social practices.

We invite submission of individual papers and Special Issue proposals. Please see the page for further details on topics and submission procedures.

CADAAD Journal does not charge author fees. It is openly accessible online. We apply double-blind reviewing standards, made possible by our Editorial Board members and a wide range of experts who cover the transdisciplinary character of the journal.