Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines is a free but formal, peer-reviewed electronic journal intended to provide a publishing platform for critical discourse research.

CADAAD aims to promote all approaches to critical discourse research within the humanities and social sciences. The journal therefore welcomes papers from Critical Discourse Analysis as well as other ‘critical’ strands of Applied Linguistics, Communication Studies, Media Studies, Discursive Psychology, Sociology and Political Science.

We publish papers which investigate, from a ‘critical’ perspective, contemporary discourse and genres in social, political, public and professional communication.  In this context, we are especially interested in publishing papers which highlight, develop and apply new theoretical and methodological frameworks for critical discourse research or which assess established methods and assumptions.

We are particularly keen to publish papers informed by contemporary programmes in Linguistics, incl. Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Pragmatics and Corpus Linguistics.

If you think that your paper is relevant for our journal, please read the  submission procedure and the guidelines to submit either articles or book reviews.