CADAAD Journal welcomes approaches to critical discourse research within the humanities, social sciences and beyond. The journal therefore welcomes papers from Critical Discourse Studies and other ‘critical’ strands, for example:

  • Communication Studies
  • Applied Linguistics & Pragmatics
  • Media Studies
  • Education Studies
  • Social Cognition and -Psychology
  • Social and Political Sciences
  • Organisational Studies
  • Ecological/environmental discourse studies
  • … and studies of discourses in other disciplines

We publish papers that investigate, from a ‘critical’ perspective, historic and contemporary discourses and genres in social, political, public and professional communication.  In this context, we are especially interested in publishing papers which highlight, develop and apply new theoretical and methodological approaches for critical discourse research, or which evaluate established methods and assumptions.

We are particularly keen to publish papers informed by contemporary developments in Linguistics and Communication Studies, incl. approaches in Pragmatics, Argumentation, Cognitive Linguistics, Systemic-functional linguistics, Conceptual Metaphor, Media Studies, Multimodality, Narrative. We also welcome studies from social-science and science & technology. with a focus on the nature of discourse.

If you think that your paper is relevant to our journal, please read the submission procedure and guidelines to submit your article or book review.

If you have ideas for a Special Issue, please send a detailed proposal to the general editors.

CADAAD Journal is a fully open-access online journal. We apply double-blind peer-reviewing standards, made possible by our Editorial Board and a wide range of external experts who facilitate the transdisciplinary character of the journal.

Authors are invited to submit original articles that have not been submitted elsewhere. No article submission, processing or other charges apply.