Submission Procedure

Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines is a peer reviewed journal and operates a double-blind review process, and should be mailed to the general editors.

Once an article has been submitted it is distributed to two reviewers who are each asked to make one of the following recommendations based on an assessment of the paper’s academic quality, originality and relevance to the aims and scope of this journal:


  1. Accept subject to minor revisions: papers requiring editorial or simple content changes but which are otherwise publishable in their current form.
  2. Revise and resubmit: papers require more substantial content revisions and re-evaluation. Papers receiving this recommendation will therefore be subject to a second round of review, wherever possible with the same two referees. Only one revise and resubmit decision is permitted per paper.
  3. Reject

Authors will be notified by email as to the outcome of the review process and, in the case of recommendations 1 or 2, inviting to submit a revised version within 12 weeks of notification.

Once a final version has been accepted, it will be copy-edited and prior to publication authors will be sent a prepared version of their manuscript and asked to approve its publication in this form. At this stage, authors are kindly requested not to make any changes to the academic content of their manuscript. Authors will be informed via email of which issue their article will appear in.

Authors agree to all formatting undertaken by the editors.

Copyright remains with the author and is therefore the responsibility of the author.