CINEMA INFERNO: Maison Margiela presents, based on an original concept by John Galliano, adapted for the stage by Imitating the Dog International

Cinema Inferno © Maison Margiela | Vogue Magazine

Congratulations to LICA’s Professor Andrew Quick and Imitating the Dog for staging CINEMA INFERNO – a groundbreaking new show for Paris haute couture house Maison Margiela, based on an original concept by John Galliano, Maison Margiela's creative director.

Staged by members of our artistic team for Maison Margiela's Artisanal 2022 collection, presented on the official Paris Haute calendar, in Palais de Chaillot, Cinema Inferno premiered on stage and was streamed around the world the other night, thanks to the brilliant work of Sodium Films.

Around Maison Margiela's stunning collection, Imitating the Dog used pioneering storytelling techniques, live performance, and digital technologies to deliver a dynamic new fusion of fashion, cinema, and theatre.

Cinema Inferno ‘has its roots in American road movies. A pair of desperate young lovers are on the run, driving across a mythical American landscape, pursued by a group of faceless gunslingers from a bygone era. As they drive across the desert into the burning sun, they seek shelter in an abandoned picture house, only to find themselves thrown into the celluloid worlds of the films on screen. As they fall through the violent landscapes of B movies, westerns, gothic horrors, and road movies, we realise that there is no escape, and they are condemned by their crimes to be on the run for eternity.’

Read more about the project here: Cinema Inferno | imitating the dog


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