Lancaster University library foyer with the living tree in the centre.

Lancaster University Library

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A Library at the heart of Lancaster University's community, local and global. We connect, we innovate, we include.

Welcome to the library

The Library sits at the heart of the Lancaster University. The library building is located at the centre of the Bailrigg campus, providing a welcoming, open and inclusive place for library and university activity. Integrating our in-person provision with a strong digital presence extends the library's reach well beyond campus, so our resources, facilities and support are available wherever you are.

Our approach is based on a library vision Towards 2025, that expresses our firm commitment to be innovative and inclusive in all we do, and a desire to connect with and bring people together.

Side profile of the Library, with the lights shining out from the windows.

The library towards 2025

The library vision describes our ambitions for the five year period up to academic year 2025-26. It outlines our approach and commitments to providing a library that fully integrates digital and physical provision, connecting and partnering with our communities, taking innovative and sustainable approaches, and underpinning all we do by seeking to be inclusive and celebrating diversity.

The Library Towards 2025

This month in the library

People exploring the seeing in the dark cinema memory exhibition

November 2022

Disability History month

Disability History Month starts on 16th November, extending to 16th December. Join us in the library for a range of events that celebrate, recognise, and explore this year’s theme, Disability, health and wellbeing.

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This month we host two installations in partnership with Lancaster Arts.

Seeing in the dark

Peer into a cinema from the past and explore how cinema mimics and makes memory in Seeing in the Dark. This fun, immersive piece by digital theatre company Imitating the Dog, was inspired by the Cinema Memory and the Digital Archive project at Lancaster University.

With My Ear to the Wall

With My Ear to the Wall was created by artist Jenny Gaskell, with support from Lancaster Arts and Manchester Cares. It shares the voices of people with experience of health-based isolation / extended periods of time spent at home.


For students in the middle of a busy term, our Library and Information Literacy Programme offers a wide range of in-person and online sessions. Explore our online tutorials, including an Introduction to referencing.


Get to grips with messy data and automate repetitive data tasks in a Library Carpentry workshop on 9th November.


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    We have a rich programme of activities, both on campus and online. Explore our programme of workshops, exhibitions and other events.

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    Explore our extensive print and online collections, including primary source materials, Special Collections and Archives, and Lancaster Digital Collections.

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    Find out how our Faculty Librarian and Learning Development teams support learning, including partnering with students, working with schools and independent online learning.

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