Professor Andrew Quick


Research Interests

Andrew Quick studied English and Philosophy at Newcastle University and trained as a theatre director at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff in 1984. Having worked professionally in making and touring experimental performance, he returned to academic study in 1989, completing a PhD investigating the histories and languages of contemporary British experimental performance at Bristol University. He has been teaching at Lancaster since 1991, where he teaches undergraduate courses in the areas of Contemporary Performance as well as teaching on practical units. Quick is also a founder member and co-artistic director of imitating the dog, an Arts Council NPO funded performance company that tours nationally and internationally.

His written academic work is closely bound up with contemporary art practices and much of his writing on performance, photography and installation investigates concepts of space, play, technology, documentation, scenography and performance ethics. He is the author of The Wooster Group Work Book (Routledge, 2007), the first major publication on this leading New York theatre company since David Savran's Breaking the Rules (1986). He was co-editor of Shattered Anatomies (ArnolfiniLive, 1997), Time and Value (Blackwell, 1998) and On Memory (Routledge, 2000).


Quick researches into four main areas: contemporary experimental art practice, with an emphasis on performance, installation and photography; documentation and process in performance; performance ethics; and practice-based research. He has published on Forced Entertainment, Impact Theatre, The Wooster Group, Fiona Templeton, Yoko Ono, Robert Longo, Tony Oursler, Willie Doherty, Victoria Theatre, Ken Feingold, Dennis Oppenheim, desperate optimists, Richard Foreman. Quick's practice-based research has primarily been pursued in collaboration with Leeds based theatre company imitating the dog. He has co-written and directed with long time collaborators Pete Brooks and Simon Wainwright a number of works that include Arrivals and Departures (2017 Hull City of Culture), The Train (2015/16), A Farewell to Arms (2014), Sea Breeze (2014 with Raisin and Willow), The Zero Hour (2012), 6 Degrees Below the Horizon (2011), Tales From the Bar of Lost Souls (2010), and Hotel Methuselah (2006/7). This research interrogates contemporary notions of narrative and screen technologies and the relationships between live and recorded presences.


Quick has supervised ten PhDs to completion and is currently supervising eight research students. He welcomes potential postgraduates interested in researching the following areas: contemporary performance, performance and documentation, the relationship between aesthetics and politics in experimental art practices, process and performance, practice-based research, performance and play, performance and space, performance and technology.




The Wooster Group Work Book, Routledge, London, 2007 (ISBN: 978-0415353342)

Joint Author Book

Brooks, Pete and Andrew Quick, Kellerman, Presses Universitaires du Mirall,

Toulouse (in English and French, trans. Jean Berton).

ISBN: 281070144X (softback) 213 pages.


Quick, Andrew and Pete Brooks, Hotel Methuselah, in Theatre in Pieces: Politics, Poetics and Interdisciplinary Collaboration: An Anthology of Play Texts 1966-2010, ed. Anna Furse, Methuen, London.

ISBN: 978 1 408 139967 pp. 125-153.


Performances/Practice as Research

Dramaturg on Arrivals And Departures, Hull City of Culture, 2017.

Writer and co-director (with Pete Brooks) of The Train, imitating the dog, Arts Council England funded national and international tour, 2015/16. Commissioned by Teatro Marche, Italy and Lancaster Arts.

Writer of Hanuman, Singapore Reportary Theatre, Singapore, 2016.

Writer and co-director(with Pete Brooks) A Farewell to Arms, imitating the dog, Arts Council funded national and international tour, 2014. Commissioned by Teatro Marche and Lancaster Arts.

Co-creator of Sea Breeze (with Raisin and Willow), Arts Council project in Morecambe's The Winter Gardens, 2014.

Writer and co-director (with Pete Brooks) of The Zero Hour (Stunde Null), imitating the dog, Arts Council England (ACE) funded national and international tour, 2012.

Funding: £90,000 (Arts Council England)

Premier: Platform Theatre, London. Tour includes, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Warwick Arts Centre, Nuffield Theatre, Peninsular Arts Centre, Plymouth, Wickham Theatre, Bristol (tour continues Autumn 14).

Dramaturge and Scenographer on Hound of the Baskervilles, Oldham Coliseum and imitating the dog. National Tour, 2012 (nominated for a Manchester Theatre Award 2013).

Writer and co-director (with Pete Brooks) of Six Degrees Below the Horizon,

imitating the dog, Arts Council England fundednational and international tour.

Funding: £85,000 (ACE). Premier: West Yorkshire Playhouse. Tour includes, Platform Theatre, London, Axis Arts Centre, Crewe, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield, Contact Theatre, Manchester, Northcott Theatre, Exeter(tour continues Autumn 14).

Dramaturge on Rey Lear (King Lear), Compania de Teatro “La Luciernaga”, Teatro Universidad Catolica, Santiago, Chile, 2011. 2 month run. See

Writer and director of Tales From the Bar of Lost Souls, imitating the dog, Greek National Theatre and Cypress Theatre Organisation (THOK), 2009-10. Funded by the British Council Creative Collaborations Scheme.

Funding: £30,000 British Council.

Performances in Athens (14), Nicosia (7), and UK: Pulse Festival, Ipswich, Queer

up North, Manchester,The Dukes Playhouse, Lancaster, The Wickham Studio, Bristol, The Workshop Theatre, Leeds, The Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter.


Writer and co-director (with Pete Brooks) of Kellerman, imitating the dog, Arts

Council England funded national and international touring project, 2008-12.

Funding: £95,000 (ACE); £4,800 for research and development (Yorkshire


Venues include: Cochrane Theatre, London; West Yorkshire

Playhouse, Leeds; The Lowry, Manchester; Warwick Arts Centre; Digital

Performing Arts Festival, Taiwan; ‘Made in Britain Festival’, National Theatre

of France: St. Etienne; May Fest, Bristol Old Vic: Northcotte Theatre, Exeter;

Theatre Royal, Winchester; Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster; Digital Performing

Arts Festival, Taipei, Taiwan.

Hotel Methuselah, imitating the dog (co-writer and director with Pete Brooks), 2006/7: funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire Arts, Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster. The national and international tour includes West Yorkshire Playhouse, National Theatre of France, St Etienne, Reminiscence Festival, Krakow, Poland, Cochrane Theatre, London. Five Miles and Falling, imitating the dog (writer and director), 2002/3: funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire Arts and commissioned by The Studio Theatre and Gallery, Leeds Metropolitan University. National tour included Riverside Studios, London.

Dramaturg: The Caretaker, Central Cultural Matacuna 100, Santiago, Chile, 2006.

Edited Books:

Quick, Andrew and Pete Brooks, Theatricalising Cinema: The Zero Hour and 6 Degrees Below the Horizon, Live at LICA, Lancaster University, 2013

(playscripts, accompanying essays and documentation).

Hotel Methuselah: A Document by imitating the dog, ed. Andrew Quick, Leeds, 2006. ISBN: 1-86220-176-5.

Five Miles and Falling: A Document by imitating the dog, ed. Andrew Quick, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, 2003. ISBN: 1-86220-120-X (published as CD-ROM).

Chapters in Books

'The Patina of Performance: Documentary Practice and the Search for Origins in The Wooster Group's Fish Story' Artists in the Archive: Engaging with the Remains of Art and Performance, eds. Simon Jones & Nick Kaye, London and New York, Routledge, 2017.

“Hotel Methuselah: theatricalising cinema’. Practice-as-Research in Performance and Screen, eds. L. Alleque, S. Jones & B. Kershaw, Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2009 (unpaginated: DVD contribution).

'Time to be Responsible', in Hotel Methuselah: A Document by imitating the dog, ed. Andrew Quick, Leeds, 2006.

'The Gift of Play', Contemporary European Theatre, eds. J. Kelleher & N. Ridout, Routledge, London, 2006, pp. 149-162.

'The Space Between', Performing Nature: Explorations in Ecology and the Arts, eds. N. Stewart & G. Giannachi, Peter Laing, 2005, pp. 147-163.

'Taking Place: Encountering the Live', Live: Art and Performance, ed. Adrian Heathfield, Tate Publishing, London, 2005, pp. 90-99.

'Bloody Play', Not Even a Game Anymore: The Theatre of Forced Entertainment, eds. J. Helmer & F. Malzacher, Alexander Verlag, Berlin, 2004, pp. 139-169.

'The Artist as Director', Art, Lies and Videotape, ed. A. George, Tate Publishing, London, 2003, pp. 81-91. 'Love's Fall', Five Miles and Falling: a Document by imitating the dog, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, 2002. CD-ROM.

Articles in Journals

'Surviving in Dangerous Places: Forced Entertainment as The Last Adventurers', Theater der Zeit, Scores, 1/14, Berlin, 2014, pp. 3-8.

'Writing the Real', Nordic Theatre Studies, No. 13, Foreningen Nordiska Teaterforskare, Bergen, 2002, pp. 62-70.

Catalogues 'History in the Spinner: encountering the Wooster Group', To You, the Birdie! (Phèdre), London International Festival of Theatre, London, 2002.

Conferences Organised

The Wooster Group Symposium, London International Festival of Theatre, London, 2002.

Forced Entertainment Symposium: "We are searching for a theatre that can really talk about what it's like to live through these times", CASCPP, Lancaster University, 2004.

Organised the 'Placeless' panel for Live Culture at Tate Modern, 2003.

Selected Conference and Seminar Papers

Ethics in Performance Research', Performance Studies International, Queen Mary's, London, 2006.

'The Gift of Play: the gesture of performance', Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, 2006.

'Ghost Writings: narrative remains in the post-dramatic mise-en-scene', Beyond Drama: Postdramatic Theatre Symposium, University of Huddersfield, 2006.

In conversation with Richard Foreman, The Foreman Dialogues, Loughborough University, 2006.

'Practicing Responsibility: technologising narratives in a postdramatic mise-en-scene', Bristol University, 2006.

'Reverberating machines: the Wooster Group and the place of technology', The Interface: questions of agency in ICT and new media art, Centre for Science Studies, Lancaster University, 2004.

'On Survival', Forced Entertainment Symposium, Lancaster University, 2004.

'Directing Artists', IFTR, St Petersburg, 2004.

'Placeless', Live Culture, Tate Modern, London, 2003.

'The Moment of the Gesture: Infancy and the Event', Why Do We Play?, The Roundhouse, London International Festival of Theatre, 2003.

'History in the Spinner', The Wooster Group Symposium, London Institute, London International Festival of Theatre, 2002.

'Displacing Conflict: memory in Willie Doherty's traumatic landscapes', Theatre and Cultural Memory, IFTR World Congress, University of Amsterdam, 2002 .

'Prizing Art', Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2002.

'Dividing Lines: Willy Doherty and the Image of Conflict', Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History, University of Leeds, 2002.

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