Emma Putland

Senior Research Associate: Public Discourses of Dementia

Research Overview

I am the Senior Research Associate for the project ‘Public Discourses of Dementia: Challenging stigma and promoting personhood’, led by Dr Gavin Brookes. This project examines linguistic and visual representations of dementia across a range of contexts, combining corpus and multimodal approaches to discourse. My current role builds upon my doctoral research at the University of Nottingham, which uses focus groups and interviews to explore how people affected by dementia situate themselves in relation to different dementia discourses, both in conversation and when responding to visual and linguistic examples of dementia representations.

My main research interests are health communication, dementia, ageing, multimodality and mixed methods approaches.

Currently, I am the Convenor for the British Association of Applied Linguists' (BAAL) Health & Science Communication Special Interest Group

Previously, I have taught on an undergraduate module, 'Language and Linguistics' (University of Nottingham, 2019-2020) and worked as a Research Assistant and Teaching Affiliate for Linguistic Profiling for Professionals (2017-18). I have also co-led the Nottingham Health Humanities Early Bird Researcher group, helped coordinate a peer mentoring programme for researchers (Adapt Together, University of Nottingham) and been the Production Editor for the postgraduate-led Journal of Languages, Texts, and Society (Issue 4).