Professor Judit Kormos


Research Overview

1. Psychological aspects of second language learning. I investigate the speech production and monitoring processes of second language learners. I conduct studies on the role of language aptitude and working memory capacity in language learning.

2. Language learners with special educational needs. I was the chief investigator of a project that explored the foreign language learning processes of dyslexic students. I authored a course-book on specific learning difficulties and language teaching and was part of an award-winning teacher training project in the field of dyslexia and language learning.

I worked on a digital English and German task bank for young dyslexic language learners in the Erasmus+ sponsored EnGaGe project and the Comics for Inclusive Language Learning project which won the British Council's ELTon award.

You can find a lot of useful resources, video lectures, articles and further links on my website: Specific learning difficulties and the learning of additional languages.

  • LTRG - Language Testing Research Group
  • SLLAT - Second Language Learning and Teaching Research Group