Kevin Gerigk

PhD student


My doctoral thesis looked into active listenership in EFL listening tasks. I am using a corpus pragmatics approach to the analysis of active listenership in conversations.

More specifically, my PhD research investigated the level of authenticity of listening texts by looking into the representation of active and good listenership realised through the use of a variety of types of response tokens and speaker contributions to the conversation. Using an analytical-descriptive framework, especially conceived for this type of annotation, Quan and Qual methods are combined to investigate the use of response tokens and add-on/completion routines in dependence on specific conversational contexts. This will allow me to analyse how turn-management and listenership are represented in listening tasks in EFL materials.

Furthermore, I am interested in research involving corpus methods in language teaching (EFL, EAP, ESP). I am particularly interested in developing approaches to operationalise DDL in the English L2 classroom. This translates into the design of teacher materials and lesson planning in teacher education.

Besides my interest in research, I have also been a language teacher at different institutions around the world for more than twelve years. I have taught in various settings spanning from general adult education to Higher Education (PG level).

I am a member of BAAL and ISLE.