Yingnian Tao

Graduate Teaching Assistant


I joined PPR in the middle of October 2022 as a senior research associate working on the University's race equality charter mark application. Two major tasks for this application are race equality surveys and follow-up focus group discussions. I designed the survey together with my wonderful team and conducted three focus group discussions. I am now analysing the survey questions using a mixed-method approach: quantitative analysis of the closed-ended questions using Stata and thematic analysis of the open-text comments using NVivo.

During my spare time, I work on a greenwashing project with Mark Ryan who is PhD researcher with rich industry experience in calculating the carbon impact of fashion firms using life-cyle analysis.

The project uses corpus linguistic techniques (keyword analysis, collocation, concordance analysis) to unearth the representation of sustainability by good-rating and bad-rating fashion companies (rated by Good On You).

I completed my PhD in linguistics in Late November 2022. I am interested in conversational interaction in mundane settings (e.g. friends talk, family talk) and institutional settings (e.g. television talk shows, medical interviews). I am using the CA and pragmatics methods to investigate the mechanism of the "disorderly" but interesting interactional exchange. The methodology I am using features qualitative and quantitative corpus-based models of analysis and statistical modelling in R.