Yingnian Tao

Graduate Teaching Assistant


I joined PPR in the middle of October 2022 as a senior research associate working on the University's race equality charter mark application. Two major tasks for this application are race equality surveys and follow-up focus group discussions. I completed my PhD in linguistics in Late November 2022. I am interested in conversational interaction in the mundane settings (e.g. friends talk, family talk) and institutional settings (e.g. television talk shows, medical interviews). I am using the CA and pragmatics methods to investigate the mechanism of the "disorderly" but an interesting interactional exchange. The methodology I am using features qualitative and quantitative corpus-based models of analysis and statistical modelling in R.

Selected Publications

Annotation and Analysis of Interruption Speeches in Everyday Chinese Conversations
Tao, Y. 17/05/2020

Dynamic Resonance, Timing, and impoliteness of Interruptions in Chinese Everyday Conversations.
Tao, Y. 07/2019

Do not interrupt while I am speaking: Interruption Design in Everyday Chinese Conversations
Tao, Y. 17/06/2020

Interruption Elicits Laughter: Cooperative and Intrusive Interruptions in a Chinese Talk Show Host’s Conversation
Tao, Y. 25/09/2018 In: Studies in English Language Teaching. 6, 4, p. 287-311. 35 p.
Journal article

An Investigation Into Chinese Internet Neologisms
Tao, Y. 26/12/2017 In: Canadian Social Science. 13, 12, p. 65-70. 6 p.
Journal article